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Arthrosis of the Hip - Signs and symptoms


Pain due to arthrosis of the hip is usually localized in the groin area and often referred to the thigh and knee. Initially, it may be present only after long periods of physical activity. Then, as the damage of the articular surface evolves, it may be present during low-level activity and occasionally even at night during rest. To confirm the diagnosis, a thorough physical exam and X-rays are needed. 
Other Causes of hip pain:
Rheumatoid arthritis
An autoimmune disease where the patient’s own immune system attacks its own articular tissues causing inflammation and subsequent destruction of the joint resulting in pain and disability. Rheumatoid arthritis usually affects a number of articulations at the same time.
Avascular necrosis
Decreased blood supply to the femoral head leads to death of the bone and progressive collapse of the femoral head and destruction of the joint. Research has identified many causes such as:
  •  Use of corticosteroids
  •  Alcoholism
  •  Traumatic dislocation of the hip
  •  Nitrogen embolism (a consequence of underwater diving)
  •  Certain disorders of fat metabolism
Labral tear
A difficult to diagnose problem compared to a meniscal lesion in the knee that causes pain and functional limitation. If left untreated it can lead to progressive joint deterioration and irreversible arthrosis.
Hip Dyplasia
Inadequate formation of the hip joint at an early age leading to mechanical deficiencies and degeneration of the hip joint.
Fractures and dilslocations

As a result of high-energy accidents, (car accidents and falls) the femoral head may come out of the socket and or present fractures at the femoral neck causing a disruption of the blood supply. As a consequence, even many years after the accident, the femoral head may undergo a process of necrosis, followed by painful degeneration of the articulation. 

Lower back problems:
Degenerative deformation of the lower spine may lead to compression of nerves causing pain that radiates to the hip. A patient with hip pain requires a thorough clinical evaluation to rule out other sources of referred pain to the hip, such as degenerative arthrosis of the lower spine.
Inflammation of tendons and soft tissues around the hip: 
Trauma, overuse or inadequate training, may lead to painful inflammation of soft tissues around the hip. Once a diagnosis has been established, a treatment based on physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory medication will improve the condition.
Pain is an alarm telling you that there is something wrong. DO NOT IGNORE PAIN… SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE so that your specific case can be evaluated with a clinical examination and radiological images to establish a clear diagnosis.


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